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What a Wicked Winter!
Fat Tuesday
Look Who's Visiting!


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Sharknado was amazing, but now there's Part 2 premiering tonight (July 30th). To honor both, Mike found this sharky piece.
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Sharknado Music Video
https://www.facebook.com/HaphazardStuffThe theme song from the instant cult classic Sharkando by Quint - (The Ballad of) Sharknado.Check out my review of Sharknado:http://haphazard-stuff.blogs...

What a Wicked Winter!

Was that just not the WORST WINTER EVER?? 
I know we don't have to tell you...everyone was in the same boat.  BUT those "wicked Winter waves" did bring in some Sublime Treasures. 
There's so much to show you!
We are going to start with a terriffic collector's piece Mike and Tico found a few weeks ago.  The piece was dark brown and had some embossed letters on it. From the condition and frosting  of the glass, our guess was probably 70 to 100 years old. 
Here were our clues:  CHR HE and then below those letters BREW.  We did some research and discovered our new collector's item was a beer bottle from Christian Heurich Brewing Company.  This brewery was established in 1872 in Washington DC by Christian Heurich who immigrated to the Unitede States from Germany. 
 His company even survived theprohibition era, by expanding his brewery to include an ice plant.  When prohibition was over, beer production resumed. 
The operation closed in 1956 but Heurich's Mansion, "The Brewmaster's Castle" stands tall (and is available for tours!)
  A dynamic era has past, but it's not forgotten....we have a great piece of beach glass and American history!

Fat Tuesday

That's right it's Mardi Gras time!!
And today is Fat Tuesday....Funnel Cakes and Deep Fried Oreos for everyone!

Look Who's Visiting!

This time of year is so interesting on the Outer Banks.  A week ago a large fish came ashore.  We learned it was called a Mola Mola or an Ocean Sunfish.  It is the heaviest known bony fish in the world. 
We have also seen many whales the past few weeks but have been unable to capture a picture.  Sorry guys...we will keep trying!
 BUT  Look who did let us take a picture! A harp seal pup came up on our beach to say Hi.  He is so cute!


Enjoying snow on the beach!  We don't see it often, but when we do it's sooo beautiful!
And of course we have to throw snowballs at Mike Laffey! 
Only 125 days 'til Summer... our toes can't wait!

New Year - New Beer

We had the pleasure of sampling Budweiser Black Crown before it hit the public.  Now, we can officially say
We have high hopes for 2013..... Budweiser finally came out with a good beer!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!!
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Kid Rock - Rebel Soul - 07 - Happy New Year
.. rock on
Sublime Treasures had over 10,000 visitors at our website!  Thank you everybody for a great year.....can't wait to see what 2013 will bring.

Sandy and Nor'Easter's bring some glass!

Well, something good came out of all this windy weather we have been having...finally cool things have been washing up!  
The past few days, Mike and Tico have found 27 pieces of Beach Glass, a few great shells, some tile, and a message in a bottle..well Mason jar.
Ok Beach Glass first. We were so happy to see some good quality glass.  A lot of these we will use for craft glass but check out these beauties.  The lavender is going to make someone a beautiful necklace for Christmas!
Now for the message in the Mason Jar.  It was a little difficult to read, but basically warned us of an invasion of angry monkeys!  The PS claimed the world may run out of scented candles. 
We would like to take this moment to thank the sender of the message, forewarning of such disasters are much appreciated!

Happy Hunting!

 Way to go Oob!!!  What a fantastic looking 8 point. 
Can anyone else beat this one? 
Email your pictures to sublimetreasures@mail.com and we will post them.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Damn Sandy

Well we survived another high tide, and football Sunday! 
This morning was the worst by far.  Here are some pictures. 
Some minor flooding has also started as the winds are switching over to the western side.  We actually saw waves crashing over the end of Jennette's Pier.
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