Our Treasures
Sublime Treasures' jewelry is drilled and uncomplicated so that the singular beauty of the glass is the focus of the piece.  None of our glass is altered in any way.  We do not tumble, shape or polish it.  The ocean does all that for us!
All jewelry is made with fine sterling silver. 
Pendants include a beautiful 
18 or 20 inch sterling silver chain! 
More Treasures coming soon!
Wonderful White set ***SOLD***
Perfect for the beach or a night out!
Price: $55.00
King Arthur ***SOLD***
This bold white piece washed up after Hurricane Arthur visited the Outer Banks.
Price: $30.00
Beach Beauty******SOLD*******
Unique pieces of beach glass in colors of light blue, turquoise, sea green,white and brown
Price: $80.00
Just a Tint of Happiness
This slightly tinted chunk of beach glass is sure to make you happy
Price: $40.00
Hoop-la! ***SOLD***
5 pieces of beach glass on each sterling silver hoop creates a breathtaking layered look. Please contact us so we can create your unique "Hoop-la"
Price: $195.00
Beachy Brown Set
What a great look and a great deal!
Price: $50.00
Sea Green Necklace
An unusual color of green. It's not like the others!
Price: $45.00
Deepest Turquoise ***SOLD***
Very rare turquoise glass for the hardcore Beach Glass enthusiast.
Price: $75.00
White Necklace ***SOLD***
You have to buy it so you can feel it.....It's sooo smooth!!
Price: $20.00
Sea Foam ***SOLD***
Beautifully shaped by the ocean waves
Price: $50.00
The Real Teal ***SOLD***
The picture doesn't come close to showing the true color of this pendant.
Price: $75.00
Leaf Green Pendant ***SOLD***
The best green Sublime Treasures has!
Price: $75.00
Spring Green ***SOLD***
Just the shade for spring and summer
Price: $45.00
Class Act ***SOLD***
That's what you will feel like in this sleek brown necklace
Price: $35.00
White Earrings
Wear your hair up! These hang so perfectly
Price: $35.00
Menage a Trois ***SOLD***
Three pieces of glass on each sterling silver hoop create this fun Menage a Trois
Price: $75.00
Are you ready for Fall?
These earrings will go with everything for a great autumn look
Price: $35.00
White Hot
What agreat pair of earrings!
Price: $35.00
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