Beach Glass Show-Offs!
This page will feature everything related to Beach Glass from people and their personal collections to unusual or rare pieces found along the Outer Banks
We have a "Show-Off" of a different kind....Meet Shannon
Usually we feature people who collect beach glass in this section.  Well, Shannon does like to collect beach glass, but in a different way.....It has to be in the form of JEWELRY!!
So why does Shannon like Beach Glass Jewelry?  She likes it because "You can't just go into a store and buy it."  Every necklace or pair of earrings is an original item because no two pieces of glass are the same.
Shannon has three sets (necklaces and earrings) in her collection; white, aqua, and blue.  Her latest addition is this beautiful blue that she is wearing in the picture. 
Shannon, we think you are awesome....
and not just because you like our jewelry!!
Mike is a show-off! 
He has countless numbers (in the tens of thousands!)  of Beach Glass in his collection, but he definitely has his favorites.  It was hard to make him choose only three!  The glass he is proudly holding is a thick, perfectly frosted shard of cobalt blue.  We believe it to be at least 100 years old.....maybe an old poison bottle! 
The other two pieces in the picture are also very unusual.  One is a rare clear piece of glass with raised blue piping on it.  This was probably from some type of decorative glassware from the early 1900's. 
The round object in the picture, is an antique black amethyst button, perfectly "done" by it's time in the ocean.  Black glass buttons have been around since the victorian times, and became especially popular in the 1800's.  It appears black, until held to a light, then a purple color shines through. 
Nice Mike, we can't wait to see more!
We would like to introduce you to Tommy.  He is 13 years old, and has been collecting beach glass for about two years.  He has over 200 pieces in his collection!
His favorite piece is a large chunk of black glass that looks to be part of a bottom and a side of a bottle. The estimated date is early 1800's and is more than likely a gin or rum bottle.
The glass appears to be black until a powerful light is shone through it
then an amber color is revealed along with pitting and air bubbles.  It is truly a magnificent piece!
Besides collecting Beach Glass, Tommy's other hobbies include football,
collecting old coins, and learning to surf!
***********If you have a piece or collection you would like to show off, contact us at sublimetreasures@mail.com ***************
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