Colors of our Collection
There are many great sources of information on Beach Glass.  If you go online, websites will have tons of data, color and rarity charts - entire books are even available!  The details are vast and varied, yet very interesting.
That's why, once again, we are going to stick with what we know and keep it simple:
COLORS found on the Outer Banks
listed from most common to rare
Brown is one of the most common colors but yet very interesting.  Shades range from a light amber to dark brown.
White (clear glass) is another color commonly found on the Outer Banks. White is usually found in a variety of shapes and thickness.
Many people group this color in with white but we think there is a huge distinction in color and shape. A lot of this is flat glass and safety glass.
So many shades of green... forest,olive,kelly,lime. Some shades of green are scarce, such as lime. Overall,green is becoming harder to find.
One of the most unique and beautiful Beach Glass colors. These chunky, gently curved pieces often come from coke bottles. 
Unbelievably beautiful and rare.  When you find cobalt blue on the shore, you will undoubtedley be hooked on the hobby of hunting Beach Glass.
Lavender is so sneaky!  When you find it on the beach it may appear white, but when you get it home it's a lavender color!  Due to manganese, exposure to sunlight gives it this interesting hue.
This strange yellowish-green color is citron. A true citron remnant is difficult to find in this area, even though some modern day wine bottles are made of this glass.  
Black Glass often will look like a rock on the beach.  It is actually not black, but dark shades of greens and browns.
**The next three colors are tied for the hardest to find, rarest, most uncommon glass in our collection**
Mike has found only one piece of pink, and what a pretty piece it is! Possibly Depression Glass
This is our little piece of sunshine!  We have another yellow but it pales in comparison.
What can we say....
Red Rocks!!  Only two in our collection.
**This last category is not a specific color but definitely deserves mentioning**
Vaseline or Uranium
and Manganese Glass
This is an interesting section because it can involve many other of the previous listed colors; blue, white, lavendar, jadite etc. 
These are colors that become phosphorescent under a black light as shown in the picture.  The reason for this "glow" is probably the presence of either uranium, or manganese used in the glass making process.
All of our information on colors, rarity etc.  is founded solely on our own collection and observances of Beach Glass on the Outer Banks.  We document every piece we find, and  have formed our own charts and theories based on our information.  I guess you could say this is our disclaimer if you find our knowledge is not the same as someone else's!
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